Spring Break Mattresses

Spring Break Mattresses

Rosekhab Yazd is a manufacturer of POCKET SPRING mattress in Iran. POCKET SPRING mattresses have been designed to replace each spring with the amount of pressure applied by different parts of the body due to the technology of using springs instead of attached springs. Therefore, these mattresses are based on the body and weight of each individual mold and form, and hence the mattresses are very soft and comfortable. Another feature of these mattresses compared to spring mattresses is that the vibration caused by rolling Whipping a person does not transfer to all mattresses. This advantage, especially in double mattresses, makes the occasional toss by one person not felt by the side. Because the springs are moved in place of the first person’s body and their oscillations are not transferred to the springs of the second person’s bed, the next person will experience a quiet and comfortable sleep. The embroidered pattern of these mattresses consists of three layers of fabric, anti-allergic elastic fibers and a thermobond layer. Using a special layer of thermoband in the embroidered role of the mattress covers helps the air flow smoothly to the mattress surface, thereby reducing the mattress’s moisture content from sweating or drying faster. With the soft and comfortable POCKET SPRING mattress in Yazd, you will experience a very comfortable and sweet sleep.

Rosekhab Mattress

One of the products of Roskhab Company which is a completely different product among the spring mattresses is the full memory mattress of Roskhab model. The mattress uses NASA technology to create a completely different and more comfortable feel. The mattress is made of spring-loaded displacement springs, which reduces the weight of the springs used in the full-size sleeping mattress and increases the resistance of the springs. The foam memory used in the bed mattress makes it hard for your body organs to fall asleep and not affect your blood flow.

Rosekhob1 Mattress

Rosekhob Mattress Company has the highest capability in designing and manufacturing Rosvahb Mattress. This foam mattress, a special purpose foam envelope, is designed and delivered by dear customers. We have used high quality raw materials in accordance with the latest technology to produce rosewood 1 mattresses. Complete research by experts on mattresses has shown that Mattress Model 1 is an excellent mattress in the Mattress Company.

Hiclass Mattresses

The spring mattress was an amazing invention. The floor mattress models are the latest in mattress spring technology, each of which works individually and stacked together in an envelope. In addition to extending the shelf life of the mattress, the breakable spring also covers the spine at rest and also has a higher medical degree than the attached springs. Spring mattresses do not transfer elasticity to your handbag and are more balanced than attached mattresses.

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